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Because of your support, S2S won three awards for Best of Denton County 2013: Best Pilates Studio, Best Physical Therapy Practice, and Best Physical Therapist: Meredith S. Tittle, PT. We could not have done it without all of your votes! Thank you!

"S2S is the BEST physical therapy facility for teenage girls in the entire Metroplex! Meredith and her staff are absolutely amazing! The most dedicated and focused group of physical therapists I have ever encountered. They UNDERSTAND the growing girl's body. They have experience with dance and competitive cheerleading injuries and spend focused time with their patients building their bodies and minds back to being even stronger than before the injury. Thank you for supporting our girls in their chosen athletic events and literally, changing their lives!"     - Jennifer

Performance Enhancement at S2S

Congratulations to Matt Tittle and Johjanes Griffith, two of our instructors who are now credentialed Performance Enhancement Specialists (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine! This title is so valuable that many professional sports organizations are requiring their trainers to obtain the NASM-PES credential. We are so fortunate to have these two instructors who are committed to helping our local athletes of any level perform FASTER - STRONGER - BETTER©!

Physical Therapy at S2S!

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S2S Functional Performance offers an incredibly unique, cutting edge approach.  Return to pre-injury status sooner and without future risk of impairment! 

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