Sport Performance and Injury Counseling

There are two approaches to Sport Psychology. One is focused on teaching psychological skills for performance enhancement and the other is focused on utilizing psychotherapy techniques to better understand the athlete as a person outside of sport and then integrating sport back in.

Here at S2S, our counselor understands the benefits to both approaches and integrates them into your sessions depending on your needs. By integrating both performance enhancement skills training in areas such as confidence, performance routines, visualization/imagery, goal setting and stress management with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques like cognitive appraisal and restructuring, our licensed professional counselor helps athletes achieve peak performance while coping with the numerous pressures and demands athlete face each day.

Another benefit to coming to S2S for your sports performance and injury counseling is that our staff consists of both a licensed professional counselor and board certified physical therapists and STOTT Pilates instructors. This means your care is as comprehensive as possible. Injuries can be as emotionally difficult as they are physically. Depending on the severity and length of recovery athletes can experience sadness, decreased appetite, lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, frustration, and isolation. These can result in an athlete trying to skip steps or progress quicker in their rehab than what is recommended or even prolong recovery if not adequately addressed and the athlete fears re-injury. Our instructors can also help provide alternative training options to increase strength and functional fitness while minimizing impact on the body.