Sleep* Eat*Exercise*Work*Play*Repeat

As we enter 2017, let’s face it, as a rule, resolutions fail. A study performed by Scranton University states that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Why? Most often, goals are too lofty, forcing us to change a behavior our brains just don’t have the power to overcome. We all have habitual […]

Research Proves S2S Is Right On Target!

At S2S, are we ahead of our time!!! A recent article in More magazine discusses the BEST research based exercises associated with specific fitness goals. The goals discussed included 1) Being Healthy, 2) Improving Posture, 3) Getting Thinner, and 4) Staying Strong Throughout Life. Pilates Research states that Pilates, as few as 2x/ week, improves […]

Preventing Knee Injuries on the Slopes

Injuries to the knee joint account for 30-40 percent of all skiing injuries. Did you know that most knee injuries are caused due to an inability of the skier to control the position of his / her legs while flying down the slope? Multiple factors lead to an increase in the likelihood one will sustain […]